I recently noticed that dress first have an amazing selection perfect for a mother of the bride. They go for that subtle style that helps mom stand out if the crowd but in the same time they don’t overwhelm the bride. 

In my opinion there’s nothing worse that a guest, or even worse, a member or the bride's family that manages to upstage her. It is always better to have a rather simple attire than something that will make you the center of attention. The same goes for using the color white - that’s reserved solely for the bride.

Getting back to our mother of the bride dress, if you want to be a classy mom go for a simple design that covers all your problem areas and go for colors that don’t over[power. That doesn’t mean you have to go black (it is actually common not to wear this color to a wedding).

Perfect colors for mother of the bride dresses are green, blue, dark plum and brown. The hues compliment very well every type of skin and are perfect for a classy and elegant wedding.

You can also oipt for gowns that have a coat included in the outfit, this way you can keep the coat at the ceremony and later you can take it off and party till the dawn.