When you think of a wedding cake do you see beautiful crisp white tiers of sponge and fruit cake with delicate frosted details? Do you think of a good looking couple that proudly top the masterpiece? Well, that’s not with the concept for these unusual wedding cakes. 

If you are looking for a modern and unique take on the traditional wedding cake for your special day then here are some inspirational ideas for a little something that is truly out there 

Ooh-la-la! A croquembouche is the traditional wedding cake of France and is a towering confection of your favourite dessert: profiteroles! Croquembouche comes from the French for ‘crunch in the mouth’ and is constructed of choux pastry puffs coated in caramel and stacked on a nougat base of almonds.  

The croquembouche can then be decorated to fit the décor of the event whether that be adding swirls of sugar and gum paste flowers or drenching in decadent chocolate.  

Macaroon Tower 

Add a pop of pastel colour to your wedding venue with a sweet macaroon tower. A macaroon is a meringue like cookie that is lightly baked and often flavoured with ground almonds or amoretti. This is a great alternative wedding cake for those who cannot eat gluten and you can customise the fillings from buttercream to caramel depending on any dairy intolerances. This will make a stunning centrepiece! 

Macaroons are extremely versatile and would make brilliant sweet treats in your hen party bags or as favours for your guests. Present them in cellophane bags and tie with curled bows to match your colour scheme.  


Miniature cakes are becoming increasingly popular at modern weddings. Whether cupcake stands or individual miniature wedding cakes for every guest, these are a great way to add a personal touch to thank your guests. Customise each cake with icing so that it reads the guests’ names and these cute favours could double as name cards to tell people where they should sit.  

Cheese Cake 

This is strange and unique, but everyone loves cheesecake, don’t they? Although not technically a cake, this can look just as elegant. Experiment with different flavours for each tier and adorn with an abundance of fresh berries and edible flowers for a perfect summer wedding dessert.  

Sushi Cake 

So this isn’t a cake at all but it is displayed in a three tier design. This is an unconventional fishy alternative for those who aren’t a fan of cake and want to stray away from old school traditions. Arrange sashimi and sushi with caviar, avocado and edamame beans for a deliciously refreshing meal with a side of sticky rice.  
If you’re wanting to do something a little different, but perhaps not quite as daring as these designs then why not make a few tweaks to a traditional cake design.  
Wedding cakes are traditionally white, cream or ivory to match the bride’s gown so shake things up a bit and add a pop of colour. Bright flowers or a patterned tier can add interest and create a real focal point. Unusual dividers between tiers can be a novel way of adding colour and sparkle or create realistic red rose cake pops and add them as dividers to the bands of cake. These are perfect for sharing! 
Go for unusual shapes that are off-centre and asymmetric. Nothing says rebel like an angled cake. You could even up-turn the tiers and hang them from a stand, creating a chandelier cake. Make sure, however, that this is firmly attached to the stand to avoid any accidents. 

his article was provided by Hen Stuff, the UK’s leading hen party specialists.