Every gift is special in it’s own way and that is why you must find an appropriate box for each and every single one. Favor boxes are as important as the gift itself, as you know in this day and age the first impression is the one that counts and if your favor is present as a cheap one you’re guest will end up perceiving it as a lack of attention to details.

1. The size matters

There’s nothing more lacking of elegance than a gift that tries to come out of the box it was placed into. Make sure to decide upon what favors you’ll offer and choose the correct size for your favor box.

2. The color matters

Choose the color of your favor boxes with attention and make sure it fits your overall wedding color scheme. Many of the guests will unwrap their favor right away, so you want them to blend well on your wedding tables.

3. The placing matters

A great way to surprise your guests is to arrange a small table just for their favors, each one will choose the box that was assigned to him/her and you will have a great pop of color. You can also place each favor box on the napkins of each guest's plate.