And make sure the lovely sweets are placed in stunning cupcake favor boxes and will accompany your guests after the wedding is over. In this way your guests will leave your wedding with a sweet memory that will delight them and a great little box in which they can keep a souvenir from your wedding.

Cupcakes in a favor box are a great way to surprise your wedding guests and to answer to an important question - what shall i offer to my guests as a testimony. You can also use cupcake favor boxes to send small pieces of cake to guests that couldn’t attend or to infants that were left at home.

Make sure that the quality of these boxes will be a superior one, in the end you want them to last and be of use to your guests. You can opt for usual boxes but you can also opt for more trendy versions made of plastic or metal.

This way you will actually give your guests a double favor gift.  A great way to impress and be remembered for your wedding, isn’t it?! You must always keep in mind that these favors aren’t just simple gifts but a piece of your wedding given t5o the ones that were there to celebrate with you.