The theme of your wedding determines what decorations you will choose, in what colors and in what quantities. Choosing you accessorizing jewelry should follow the same steps no matter if your theme is based on a color, flower, time period or anything else.

What accessories are you going to choose?

Your theme will determine what form your decorations take, whether you use ribbons or flowers or lace. Incorporating this into your jewelry is a fantastic way to add cohesion. For example, if you have a cake covered in lace you should consider a filigree bracelet or if your cake is covered in flowers you should look for more floral designs. If you have chosen to decorate your wedding in the style of another time-period this is something you should consider when choosing your accessories too.

What color will your accessories be?

If you plan on sticking to neutral tones of black, white and beige then plain gold and silver pendants can work well. Diamonds will suit any color theme. If you have chosen a theme color then why not work that into your look as well with precious gemstones which come in every color.

In what quantities will you accessories be?

This is perhaps the most important question, and the answer is always that less is more. Some women feel they have found the perfect wedding ring and want it to be the focal point, in this case a simple pair of earrings is all that is needed. Remember that if your decorations are simple then your jewelry should be also. A pearl necklace is the quintessential accessory for the classical bride.

You will be amazed at the results when you look back on your wedding photos and see how important your accessories were in putting the finishing touches on your big day. A great way to by wedding jewelry is online at a shop like Zoara. They have a huge range of jewelry available and you are sure to find just the right piece to complete your look.