Not sure how you feel about wedding favours but I’m a huge fan, I especiallylove practical wedding favors. It’s such a joy to use an item that has been given to me at a friends wedding and it’s such a great way to remember that precise moment.

I actually keep all these great gifts at hand and It’s an absolute pleasure to use them. That’s why I recommend every couple to think well before deciding upon their wedding favours. I know it looks like it’s just another small item of the wedding but the favours really are a lot more meaningful.

Your wedding day will be over a lot faster than you think but these small items will be with your guests even for the rest of their life, that is if you choose wisely and the gift is really special. The favour doesn’t have to be expensive but practical. Opt for items that can be used over and over again, like bookmarks, key chains or mirrors, things than can make life easier for all of us.

Also make sure that the favours you will gift aren’t branded, you know we love you but we’re not that keen in wearing a bag with your name on it. Make sure your favours are light, inexpensive and practical- that will sure do the trick for great wedding favours.