Many brides have a hard time in finding their veil, tiara and jewelry sets. It seems that these items are hard to decide upon because they will complete your bridal attire and you’ll over-think the whole thing. You know, you've searched that bridal gown for so long you don’t want to ruin it by adding an inappropriate jewelry or to opt for an over the top tiara.

To avoid any mistakes you’d better follow thse quick tips that will keep you on safe ground and out of harms way:

1. Try the whole outfit

Don’t decide on separate pieces! Never! A veil or a tiara may look good on you in the store but you never know how they will look on you when you’re wearing your bridal gown. If the store where you purchased your bridal gown doesn’t offer shoes, jewelry and other accessories make sure you can bring your bridal gown in the store where you will purchase these accessories.

Might seem uncomfortable but it’s better to be safe than sorry in your wedding day when you realise that the tiara looks so big compared to your wedding gown or that your veil is a complete different color that expected.

2. Choose similar jewelry

Go for jewelry that resemble your bridal gowns embroidery, if you have crystals or pearls these should be the starting point for your jewelry hunt. Also if your bridal gown has a pattern you’d have to consider that for your tiara.

3. Keep it classic

You can never go wrong with a silver floral jewelry set or a  rhinestones tiara these are classic pieces that will create a great outfit for you. When in doubt always turn to pieces that are recognised and that will never harm your entire look.